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International Shoppers

Want to shop in the U.S., EU or South America? Buy what you love from online retailers around the world and have it delivered to your door.  Join for free!
business merchant man pointing at Bongo International shopping cart

Global E-Tailers

Want to convert your international traffic into profits?  Our global e-commerce solutions can ease the way.   Customize your user experience and capture new markets with minimal effort.

Become a Member of Bongo International

International Shoppers, simply click “Join” below and sign up to receive free Shipping Addresses that you can use when purchasing from online retailers that don’t ship to your country. We’ll receive your packages and ship them to you. It’s that easy! Read our Member Testimonials.

Expand Globally

Interested in expanding your business into the international market? Learn how easy it can be to support international eCommerce with the help of Bongo International’s global eCommerce solutions. An Account Specialist will be happy to demonstrate how our solutions can open your business to a world of opportunity. Read our Merchant Testimonials.

Discover Easy, Cross-Border Shopping

Find out how easy it is to shop your favorite e-commerce sites and have your purchases shipped to you from across the globe.

Behind the Scenes at Bongo

Go behind the scenes at Bongo International, get an overview of our history of serices and see how our shipping process can help reduce waste and lower costs.

Delivering World-Class Service to Shoppers

  • Free Images of Your Items
  • Prepay Duties and Taxes (optional)
  • Global Door-to-Door Tracking
  • Delivery in 3 Days from Bongo to Most Countries
  • 200+ Countries and Territories Supported
  • Five Facilities Worldwide: US East and West Coasts, UK, Belgium, and Peru

Secure Global eCommerce

  • Fraud Detection Services
  • Over 80 Currencies Accepted
  • 15 Payment Options
  • Returns Management
  • Express Delivery Options
  • Over 200 Countries and Territories Supported