About Us

Bongo International was founded in 2007 to overcome the challenges associated with global eCommerce transactions by both international shoppers and online retailers. Today Bongo services hundreds of thousands of customers world-wide with a team spanning three continents. We help international consumers get the products they love–wherever they are–and we help eRetailers harness the vast potential of the global marketplace.


Global eCommerce Solutions

Our Global eCommerce Solutions help US and EU eRetailers overcome the obstacles and risks associated with cross-border eCommerce transactions, and are designed to fit businesses of any size. Bongo services over 220 countries and territories and accepts over 20 payment methods popular to international shoppers, including Bitcoin.

Bongo offers solutions for the full spectrum of online retailers expanding globally.

  • Bongo Checkout – Our most versatile eCommerce solution promotes safe acceptance of international eCommerce orders with guaranteed fraud protection, allows for easy currency exchange, and integrates with a range of shopping carts.
  • Bongo Export  – Fully integrated eCommerce solution provides a seamless shopping experience for international customers while maintaining merchant brand integrity.

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On December 16th, 2014, Bongo International was acquired by FedEx Corporation. Bongo International’s capabilities complement and expand the FedEx portfolio of offerings important to the rapidly growing global eCommerce marketplace. Read More


International Shoppers

Additionally, Bongo supports over 250,000 international shoppers by providing them with free shipping addresses on both US coasts, as well as in Belgium, the UK, and Peru. Consumers can shop their favorite online retailers in the US, EU, or South America, and have their purchases shipped to them anywhere in the world in an average of three days. Join Now!


Bongo Management Team


Craig Turnbull – Managing Director
Craig Turnbull is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Bongo International. He has over 10 years of experience in global logistics and management. In addition to sales and support functions for the Express Delivery industry, he has extensive background in operations management and technology infrastructure supporting international airfreight logistics. Prior to founding Bongo International, Craig worked with a variety of large multinational firms improving operational efficiency.

Craig is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and holds a BA in Business Management from the University of Colorado.


Federico Lara – Managing Director
Prior to joining Bongo International, Federico worked for the Coca-Cola Corporation as the Web Producer at Vitaminwater and Powerade. Along with managing web properties and internet advertising initiatives, he developed strong marketing and brand partnerships between celebrities & sports figures including Alicia Keys, Tom Brady and Jennifer Aniston, and web 2.0 leaders Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Federico is a Technologist, a title he acquired from his work as project leader at both the MIT Media Lab and IBM Watson Research Center. He holds a BA in Music Business and Management from Berklee College of Music in Boston and studied Finance and International Business at Harvard Extension School.


Greg Sack – Managing Director
Greg Sack joined Bongo International in 2008 as a Co-Founder to lead the international sales strategy and product development. Over the past three years, his direction in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Logistics resulted in the international expansion of over 1,400 US eCommerce businesses.

Greg has over 13 years experience in the logistics industry, holding Sales and Sales Management positions with DHL, Airborne Express, and UPS. Greg holds a BA in Marketing and Management from Sienna College.


Carsten Vennemann – General Manager Europe
Carsten Vennemann is the European General Manager of Bongo International. Prior to joining Bongo, Mr. Vennemann spent over ten years practicing European law focusing on the many aspects of international commerce. Carsten is a German-qualified lawyer and is responsible for driving the strategic growth in the European Union.

Carsten has studied at the universities of Heidelberg (Germany) and Sienna (Italy). He holds a Master’s degree in European law, politics and economy from the European College in Parma (Italy). Carsten speaks German, English, Spanish, Italian and French.


Rommel Samanez Carillo – General Manager South America
Rommel Samanez Carillo is the South American General Manager of Bongo International based in Lima, Peru. Prior to joining Bongo Rommel worked as both Professor and head of Lontec Science Labs at The Catholic University in Lima where he focused on mobile communications and holds 10 patents for mobile-to-electronics data and security transmissions. Rommel is both an Electrical and Systems Engineer and holds a Doctorate in Computer Science from The Catholic University in Lima, Peru.


Gregory Unger – Vice President Of Sales
Gregory Unger is the Vice President of Sales responsible for Bongo International’s Checkout and Export (formerly Connect) Product offerings. Gregory’s team is focused on the merchant and consumer experience connecting buyers and sellers across the world by providing innovative fulfillment and delivery solutions that provide clarity to a very complex global trade and customs environment. Greg has over 8 years experience managing teams and delivery solutions to the market place. Including 5 years of experience as an Advertising Consultant in Northern Florida. Greg holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication from the University of Tampa.

Gregory joined Bongo International in December of 2008 and has not only managed product launches and campaigns but has been part of the core development team focusing on tailoring our product offering to specific problems in the global eCommerce market. Greg has been promoted within the organization for his ability to identify and proactively challenge and deliver solutions to improve our customers experience on both sides of international eCommerce transaction.


Jennean Morrison – Director Of eCommerce
Jennean Morrison is the Director of eCommerce for Bongo International’s Extend service offering and based in Tampa, Florida. In addition to managing the Extend product, Jennean is also responsible for leading internet advertising campaigns across multiple Bongo platforms and the design and development of social media outreach. After attending the University of South Florida where she studied Journalism and Graphic Design, Jennean spent 7 years working in advertising and marketing campaigns for the NFL, DuPont and CBS. She has broad experience delivering advertising across a broad spectrum of products and services to multiple target audiences.

Jennean has brought unique experience to the Bongo Management team and is part of the steering committee directing Bongo’s advertising efforts to new markets. She has been directly responsible for new campaigns in our larger target markets and directly responsible for industry recognized unique advertising campaigns.