Bongo International Cross Border eCommerce Solutions

Free webinar Oct 8, 2013

See for yourself how easily you can expand into international markets with Bongo International and Zen Cart. Learn about:

  • Enabling an online store to easily conduct Cross-Border transactions.
  • International Fraud Guarantee
  • Accurate Duty/Tax Calculation
  • Export Compliance
  • Several additional Payment Options for international visitors in over 200 countries.

Cross Border PayPal SalesDate:

Oct 8, 2013


10 am PST

1 pm EST


1 hour

Bongo International’s Vice President of Sales at Bongo International, Greg Unger, will introduce you to Bongo’s international eCommerce Solutions with plenty of Q+A time to address your questions. To join the webinar please register here.

  • Are you interested in selling to international markets?
  • Do you have customers who would like to buy from out-of-country but find the shipping costs to be prohibitive?
  • Would you like to broaden your customer base?

On October 8, 2013 Bongo is presenting a free webinar to talk about our services and how you can benefit by integrating them with your Zen Cart® store*.

Join us to see how easy it is to expand your online store to international markets before the 2013 Holiday Season!



The Lok-it Secure Flash Drive is the perfect alternative to the non-secure, generic flash drive.  In a time where identity theft and poaching of online data is relatively prevalent, it is important to protect yourself, your family’s assets, and your business.

The Lok-it Secure Flash Drive works with any USB compatible devices like: PC’s, scanners, medical equipment, copiers, projectors, DVR’s, smart phones, and tablet PC’s.  It comes with various gigabyte availability:  4GB, 8GB, and 16GB.  The Lok-it contains a 0-Key PIN-Pad for ultimate security!  Retails for $62.00


SHOP NOW:  Lok-it Secure Flash Drive   

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Do you multi-task on different devices while working?  Are there times when you wish your iPad could be eye-level while you did stuff on your computer?  If either of these apply to you, then the HoverBar will be a product of interest.  It functions just as the name would suggest, as a bar the allows your iPad to “hover” at monitor level with your computer.  Retails for $79.99

SHOP NOW:   HoverBar

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The Invoxia Audioffice is going to become the new staple item for a home office or a chic regular office.  The Audioffice turns your cell phone into a conference call console with clear sound and a comfortable handset.  You can also utilize phone apps and the Invoxia Audioffice is compatible with both iPhone and Android!  Retails for $299


 SHOP NOW:  Invoxia Audioffice

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Twitter lingo is slowly becoming a part of our everyday vernacular, but if you work in a Marketing department then it has been part of your daily conversations for a while now.  The language of Twitter is short tweets and re-tweets (RT’s,) to quickly share information with your followers.  It’s made especially more efficient by limiting posts’ to 140 characters.

Mashable has published a very informative and complete list of all Twitter Lingo currently in use.  This mixture of abbreviations, acronyms, and very new, Twitter specific vocabulary runs the gamut of what you will most likely find while tweeting.

Get the full run-down on all TWITTER LINGO HERE!  Then follow us on Twitter@BongoUS for company updates, coupon codes and to use what you’ve learned of course!


The Little Printer is an aggregate of pertinent personal information kept in your smartphone.  It is a smiling face that allows you to print small pages with notes to remind yourself of things.  It’s totally optional, but something about it makes us want one.  It is sold with a roll of paper already inside and 2 additional for future use.  It is also compatible with International outlets.  The starter kit retails for 169 pounds.



What your Purchase includes:

Little Printer & power cable (Qty. 1)

BERG Cloud Bridge & power (Qty. 1)

1m ethernet cable (Qty. 1)

Paper rolls (Qty. 3 which includes 1 installed)

International power adapter heads

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You might not need a cookbook when preparing proper ice cubes, but why not use the Lekue Ice Box?  This revolutionary kitchen gadget allows the user to  make large quantities of virtually perfect ice.  The process is simple:  just add water and serve!  The interior silicone cube tray doubles as the lid for the box.  The full capacity of the Lekue Ice Box is 132 cubes.  Retails for $32.99



Technical Specifications:

1.)  Makes and stores up to 132 ice cubes at a time.  (Equivalent to 4 trays.)

2.)  Container is composed of ABS plastic.

3.)  Lid is composed of silicone.

4.)  The Lekue Ice Box has a hollow base which avoids the formation of condensation and preserves coldness.

5.)  Cubes can be removed 1 at a time, or all at once.

 SHOP NOW:  Lekue Ice Box

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The LotusGrill may be the answer to all your summer grilling needs!  It is a smoke free device that allows you to grill delicious food for family and friends.  The LotusGrill does use a small amount of charcoals in a compact, inner basket.  It uses a built-in variable speed fan to force air into the burning charcoals quickly and safely creating heat for grilling your meals.

Below are the Technical Specs for the original/basic LotusGrill that retails for $299.  There are XL variations, additional colors, and barbecue accessories available for sale on the site.


Technical Specifications:

1.)  35cm (diameter) x 23.5cm (height).

2.)  Comes with 4 AA batteries for the built-in, battery-operated fan

3.)  Boasts completely smokeless cooking!

4.)  This size is available in 6 vibrant colors:  GREEN, RED, ORANGE, BLACKPURPLE,and YELLOW

5.)  Uses 90% LESS charcoal than traditional grills

6.)  For safety, the LotusGrill stays completely cool to the touch (thanks in large part to the inner basket for hot coals.)

7.)  Completely dishwasher safe

8.)  Comes with a 5 year Warranty

9.)  Your purchase includes:  LotusGrill of choice, mesh carry bag, instruction manual, and 4 AA batteries


 SHOP NOW:  The Lotus Grill

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If your company is not already blogging, then you are missing out on the many benefits from this attest-able form of Marketing.  The perks certainly outweigh the hindrances and blogging is a fit for all types of businesses.  If the company hasn’t published much writing to date, starting a blog can seem like a daunting task, but most of the hosting platforms available are highly integrated with easy to learn tools and an abundance of free resources.  Cost, time, or creativity are no longer acceptable excuses as to why your Company isn’t on the web being represented in a blog!

Here are a couple of ideas for getting started in your business blog endeavor: 

1.)  Broadly analyze your industry and business.  Much like social media, if you only write sales pitches about the company, readers are going to shut down and ignore the Brand.  Discuss industry related events, recognize National holidays, or feature products.  These are just a few ideas about how to diversify your blog topics.

2.)  Establish expertise and consistency from Day 1.  This does not mean that your writing is snarky or demeaning, but you should portray confidence in the topics you choose to discuss on the blog.  Furthermore, daily and weekly activity is a must.  It doesn’t always have to be lengthy, but customers want to know that there is a human (not a bot) behind the Brand.

These are just a couple strategies from here at Bongo to get you started in the brainstorming process.  This was derived and adapted from the post byBusiness2Community about the Building Blocks to Start a Small Business Blog.


Instantly increase Summer Fun with the Kidoozie Sights and Sounds Splash Table!  Children will be enamored with all there is to do on the Kidoozie Splash table.  Add water to fully experience the sights and sounds with lights and activities.  The table is lightweight and although safe does have a small parts choking hazard.  Water can be strained, scooped, spun on the water wheel, and so much more!  Retails for a mere $56.00 and on some sites free domestic shipping is available! 


Technical Specifications:

1.)  Recommended for children ages 18 months – 3 years

2.)  Product Dimensions are 14.2 x 5.8 x 21.8 inches

3.)  Product Weight is 6.8 pounds

4.)  Utilizes 3 AA batteries for operation (not included)


SHOP NOW:  Kidoozie Sights and Sounds Splash Table

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