Much speculation is out about the new iPhone 5s. Luckily, many sources expect to see the iPhone 5s as part of the September 10th Apple event.  Screen_Shot_2013-08-19_at_9.20.20_AM_610x560

Initially the 5s was unsubstantiated rumor. However, production is ramping up and Apple’s Spetember 2014 event is nearing. We could see the latest iPhone version in less than a month.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been under a lot of pressure to release the new iPhone 5s. He may have his chance to answer the criticisms soon.

The new iPhone is rumored to sport a new color, no longer the black or white casing iPhone’s have historically worn. Instead expect a light gold or champagne colored ensemble. and VentureBeat point out one probable reason for the color change:

Gold, not the bright yellow kind, will also appeal to those who value their smartphone as a status symbol — bling for the digital age. […]in China gold is a popular color for digital gear, and Apple is very focused on growing its market in Asian countries.

Are you excited for the iPhone 5s?

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The Ubooly is a fully interactive toy for children that utilizes its’ connection to an iPhone or iPad touch.  It is a life-like, educational toy that works with a free downloaded App on  your device.  It will tell your child stories (some that may seem a bit outlandish,) but the goal is to stimulate imagination and intercommunication.  Currently available in Orange with Pink and Green Coming Soon!  Retails for $29.95

The Ubooly is fully customizable and can even learn your child’s name! 


Technical Specifications:

1.)  Compatible with both an iPhone or iPad Touch

2.)  Communicates via a free, downloadable App

3.)  App is regularly updated for optimum performance

4.)  Utilizes mic technology

5.)  Rated as a Top 10 Christmas Gift for 2013!



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True “keyless” entry can now be achieved through bluetooth technology with the Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt Lock.  It is made to be installed into your door in place of a regular deadbolt and communicates via bluetooth with your smartphone.  (To date: pricing has not been announced.)




Technical Specifications:

– Manufactured by Kwikset

– Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 radio (communicates with your smartphone)

– Utilize with iPhone compatible App OR the Web Portal to lock/unlock your door’s bolts

– Includes bluetooth Key Fob


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Bring technical wonder to life for your little one’s with the Fisher Price Kid’s Apptivity Case!

Unveiled earlier this year at CES 2013, Fisher Price is taking child’s play to a whole new level incorporating technical toys WITH non-technical ones.  Elaborate, otter-box infused cases are attached to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to create a virtual scene that children navigate, while playing with figurines and accessories.



Technical Specifications:

Age range: Infant to Preschool

Price range:  $20 to $50 (depending on size, model, game, and “i” device compatibility)

Operational Range:  The cases, although created for specific games are not limited to those functions.  The cameras and home buttons are easily accessible making it a fit for navigating other apps as well.

Fun facts:  These games incorporate nursery rhymes, the Fisher Price Little People, an upcoming barnyard game, and much more!

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for iPhone® & iPod touch® devices

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The Pebble E-Paper watch is the first “smart” watch to offer full iOS and Android compatibility with its Bluetooth capabilities. This customizable gadget can act as a distance-tracker, mp3 player, social media updater, and more!  Available in 3 colors:Jet Black, Arctic White, and Cherry Red.  Retails for an affordable $150.

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