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Listening to vinyl is a fantastic way to enjoy music. A sleek, streamlined turntable can also be a great addition to your personal space. Luckily, there are a variety of turntables on the market today with various styles and price points.

The Crosley CR6004A-BK, for example, is a lustrous piece that plays two record speeds and also converts vinyl to digital via USB. With this ability you’ll be able to archive those old records you rescued from your grandparent’s basement.

The Crsley Archiver CR6001A is another option for amazing sound and archive capability. This model provides three playing speeds (33.3, 45, and 78 rpm) and also supports cassettes and CDs along with records and analog AM/FM radio.

Get great sound, save old relics and enjoy the new age nostalgia with one of these USB turntables.


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KissMetrics released a shopping cart abandonment infographic. Let’s dive into some of the more interesting and actionable data points.

Total Web Site Visitors Who Start Checkout Process + Total Number of “Add to Cart” Clicks = Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

  • 88% of consumers completely abandon an online shopping cart without completing a transaction. (Window Shoppers)
  • 24% of consumers want to save products in their cart for later consideration (think: Amazon Wish List)
  • 44% of consumers abandon shopping carts due to shipping and handling costs.

How to Get Shoppers To Return

  • Show delivery and payment options upfront
  • Offer free (or reduced) shipping)
  • Display customer support contact information

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It’s not secret that the mobile eCommerce market is growing. Merchants have begun recognizing how attractive mobile apps can be. They provide a direct, interactive connection with customers.

The trends clearly show app use on the rise among shoppers and major retailers.

  • 27 of the top 30 shopping brands now offer apps, while 33 percent of iOS users and 24 percent of Android users report downloading an app in the past month, according to Forrester Research.
  • In 2013, overall mobile-app use increased 115 percent, with use of shopping apps for shopping and lifestyle increasing 77 percent, according to Flurry Analytics.

So How Can Merchants Make Investing in Mobile Apps Worthwhile?


Determine is an app would be useful to (and used by) your target audience. Surveys, analysis of competitors’ offerings and a good look into analytics data to determine popular mobile operating systems can help determine whether and how to proceed.


Honestly assess whether you have the resources to develop enough content to make a truly useful app. This includes commitment to ongoing content updates, functionality upgrades, and releases of new versions as new operating systems and device types proliferate.


Once launched, determine the right balance between product promotion and useful tools and content.


Search engines aren’t likely to direct new customers to your app unless the customers directly search your brand name. Even then, searches will most likely land customers on your desktop or mobile websites where they may never even realize you offer an app.


Most people hear about apps through recommendations from friends and family, followed by “top-rated” recommendations in an app store, according to Forrester.


Taking the time to download an app is a commitment, and customers need to feel it’s worth their effort. Promotions and written descriptions of your creation followed by a link to an app store may still not be enough to get them to click.

See the full article here.

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Easter is just around the corner, this crocheted organic cotton bunny would be the perfect addition to your little one’s Easter basket.

These bunnies are hand crocheted from 100% organic cotton, making them soft, safe and something to cherish for years.

Her long arms and legs make her easy to swing along to the next adventure, and her substantial size makes her a pleasure to cuddle.

She’s approximately 12″ tall and you can select either the White Dress or Red Dress version of your child’s new favorite bunny.

You may be purchasing more than an Easter gift. You may have created an heirloom for your child to pass along to her own someday.

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Internet Retailer regularly compiles data and segments it out in digestible chunks for those of us in the Retail business.

Mobile Traffic continues to make gains.


Electronics and computers remain a massive portion of the e-Retail market, particularly on But there’s room for e-Retailers of all ilks in the game.


Although prices are lower than those at, isn’t anywhere near challenging Amazon’s dominance.

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Free fuel? Free heat? Free electricity? Sounds too good to be true? Not with the BioLite CampStove.

A truly ingenious idea, the CampStove brings the campfire into the 21st century. It burns twigs, bark, pinecones or any other biomass that you can muster while you’re out and about. Excess heat from the fierce little flame generates electricity via a thermoelectric generator to power a fan that creates airflow for improved combustion, greater efficiency and less smoke. It can be used with the BioLite Portable Grill and the BioLite KettlePot.

As well as running the fan, the generator produces enough spare electricity to send to a USB port that will charge your phone, MP3 player, LED lights or other electrical gadgets.

You can boil a litre of water in under five minutes (depending on the strength of the fire, of course) and a twenty minute burn provides enough mobile phone charge for an hour’s talk time. All this in a unit that weights less than a kilo.

Product Features

  • Fuel: Renewable biomass (twigs, pinecones, wood pellets, etc.)
  • Fuel consumption: 46g wood (approx.) to boil 1l water
  • Boil time: 4.5min approx. for 1l water
  • Charging time: 20min charge will give approx. 1hr smartphone talk time
  • Size: 21 x 12.7cm
  • Weight: 935g
  • Included:
    • Firelighter
    • Stuffsack
    • USB cord (for charging internal battery)

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Omni-channel commerce, aka the uniting of online and traditional brick-and-mortar channels and operations, has finally become a reality for some retailers in 2013.

Many retailers who do not currently a working omni-channel solution in place are beginning to research how to implement one.

Whether you’re currently involved in omni-channel commerce or considering it for 2014, here are ten omni-channel trends to be on the lookout for according to PFSweb.

  1. Shoppers expect cross-channel inventory visibility.
  2. Synchronized customer care experience.
  3. More shoppers using mobile devices in-store.
  4. Mobile is gaining more traction into digital marketing strategies.
  5. The integration of online and offline analytics.
  6. Increase in view in-store, buy online.
  7. View online, buy in-store also emerging.
  8. Social media initiatives align across channels.
  9. Wish lists relevant for both offline and online.
  10. Collaborative shopping carts and variable fulfillment.

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Spring officially begins March 20th! To celebrate spring we’ve picked backyard greenhouses as this week’s pick-of-the-week. Below are a few to get you started whatever your space.

The 6′ x 4′ Harmony Green Hobby Greenhouse features a rust-resistant, aluminum green powder-coated frame and heavy-duty galvanized steel base designed to stand the test of time. Your plants will love the sun light from the clear, polycarbonate panels. Keep your plants happy with the fresh rainwater you collect from the gutters. Start your plants early from seed and extend your season by protecting plants from fall frosts. Online from $499.

The all-season Sunshine Greenhouse 8 x 12 Mt. Rainier will maximize your greenhouse experience. Standing nearly ten feet tall at the peak and eight feet wide, there is plenty of room for growing and relaxing. Each Sunshine Greenhouse 8 x 12 Mt. Rainier is made with a clear natural renewable redwood frame. The greenhouse has 4.5mm twin wall polycarbonate panels that provide excellent diffused light for your special crop. Important ventilation is provided by four vents with automatic vent openers and a Dutch door.  Need more space? An optional 4’ extension kit is available. The Mt. Rainier 8’ x 12’ Sunshine Greenhouse is also available with an optional wheelchair accessible door that is 39″ wide. Online from $2,899.

The SmartSide engineered wood siding of the Handy Home Products Phoenix 10 ft. x 8 ft. Storage Building is factory primed to resist fungal decay and wood-destroying insects. The sturdy building has 4 adjustable vents and 4 tempered-glass windows that provide custom ventilation and is easy to access through a single door. The large 509 cu. ft. storage capacity helps you store a large number of items. Online from $1,670.

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Digital professionals are likely aware of the importance of mobile when it comes to online initiatives. Usablenet, a global mobile and multi-channel technology company, recently published the infographic below. The data strongly advocate the importance of ensuring all digital efforts incorporate mobile usage as consumers are increasingly using mobile to access brands and information.

A few points worth noting include:

  • Over half a billion (526 million) mobile devices and connections were added in 2013.
  • Global mobile devices and connections grew to 7 billion in 2013.
  • 79% of US shoppers use their smartphones for browsing and shopping on sites and apps.
  • More than half (55%) of all “retail related” time spent online originated on smartphones and tablet devices.
  • Tablets convert 3x the rate of smartphones.


Read the full article here 

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A stylish way to filter out germs, pollution and other airborne ick. 

Scough is made in Brookyln. It’s a response to flu season, pollution and public transport.

From their site:

You don’t want to wear a silly looking surgeon’s mask to keep healthy. So instead of looking like you’ve come down with the bubonic plague when you walk onto the subway, you’ll just be that stylish looking guy or gal sporting a designer Scough with built in protection from the harsh germ and pollution-filled world.

Results: You stay healthy and look pretty hot, if you don’t mind us saying. (But hot in the metaphorical, sexy sense, not because you have a fever.)

Scough comes in styles and patterns for both men and women.

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