When Bongo was founded in 2007, we knew we couldn’t get to where we wanted to go on our own. Like any successful business, we needed the help and support of others who could fill in the gaps to ensure we thrived in all areas of operation.

Fortunately, Bongo has had the privilege of working with numerous collaborative developers throughout the years. These design/development companies promote our global e-commerce solutions to clients, who are interested in offering their products internationally. We are proud to work with the following:

  • Hara Partners – Based in New York City, Hara Partners provides innovative e-commerce consulting to e-tailers, focusing on providing cost-effective and robust solutions. From concept through launch and on to recurring services, they work to craft a customized, resilient, feature-rich platform for online businesses.Bongo Developer - Hara
  • Kadro Solutions – Kadro Solutions is a software services firm that delivers custom, innovative and enterprise-class software with a strategic focus on e-commerce, mobile, and custom web-based applications. They cover multi-language websites, marketplace integration, search engine optimization, e-commerce strategy, and much more.Bongo Developer - Kadro
  • Rand Marketing – A division of Rand Business Services, Rand Internet Marketing offers a full line of design and marketing services, specializing in professional, responsive web design and development. Rand also offers video production, merchant services, and a variety of other professional business services.Bongo Developer - Rand


Each of these companies’ have enabled our merchants to sell their products internationally, minimizing integration headaches and operational challenges. Learn more.


Now that we are into the new year, things have probably settled back down from the holiday season at home, school, and the office. You’ve got that great New Year’s resolution set, but like most people, you haven’t started yet.

Well, not only does January 1 mark the beginning of a new year, but also it’s the first day of National Hobby Month. So if you haven’t made some headway with that resolution – or if you haven’t come up with one yet – National Hobby Month is a perfect reason to get going. Did you know that a hobby can be a great way to accomplish your resolution?


Maybe your goal for the year was to get in better shape. An indoor or outdoor, active hobby can help you reach that goal. And make it fun! (We have always thought hiking or playing basketball was a lot more fun than going to the gym.) Was your resolution to bring out your creative side? Why not start painting or taking up dancing or basket weaving?

Whether you are creating the next Mona Lisa or trying to become the best amateur underwater basket-weaver, Bongo is here to help you celebrate what makes your hobby special to you.

If you’re already a Bongo customer, you know how easy it is to shop online from e-tailers around the world. If you don’t have an account yet, simply visit our website to get started. Let’s take that hobby (or your business) global!


Europe. If you don’t live there, it’s most likely at the top of your travel destination list, whether you’ve been once or 10 times. And if you’ve never been at all, you’ve lived vicariously through your friend’s social media accounts. That counts, right?

Wherever you stand in regard to the number of times you’ve been to Europe, it’s hard to deny the mystique and beauty of the continent. There is so much history and culture spread throughout all walks of life. People from all over the world travel to the European Union to get a taste of the continent’s rich history in government, the arts, academics, food, technology, architecture, and much more.Shop_EU_Bongo

Any tourist visiting the EU is sure to bring part of this history home with them. Plus, these countries offer fun, fashionable, and hard-to-find items. Whether it’s a true souvenir or something that simply reminds you of the continent’s history, it’s cool to have a possession from Europe. Many people will never have the opportunity to bring home a European treasure, though. Fortunately for those people (and those of you who didn’t leave enough room in your suitcase for shopping), we can deliver Europe to you.

If you are scanning European e-tailers and find things you want, you can use your Bongo EU address to help make purchases otherwise difficult or impossible to make from your destination.

For more information on how to do this and for examples of popular EU e-tailers that work great with our Parcel Forwarding Services, visit our website.


You’re halfway there. Isn’t that what Wednesday is all about? You made it through the uphill battle of Monday and Tuesday, and the rest of the week is downhill.

Through our service offerings, Bongo reaches more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. We know that our incredible customers are the ones who have made us the organization we are today.

Because of that, we want to take the time to share a bit of “Wednesday Wisdom” with you. The following are a few simple, yet crucial, tips to remember when shopping online.


1. Security – Online fraud is something all shoppers should be aware of when browsing the Internet. One of the most important things is to check that each page you visit, especially those on which you make a payment, has solid security features.

2. Bargain Hunting – E-commerce makes finding just about any item you are looking for easier than ever. You’re already saving time by shopping online as opposed to driving to a mall, so take the extra few minutes to try and score the best deal, too! Do your research and compare products from several different e-tailers.

3. Plan – Cut down on shipping fees by bundling products in one large order, rather than making several separate orders throughout the week or month. Also, order early enough for products to arrive on your desired date. At Bongo, we can help you bundle your orders into one streamlined shipment. Read more about our value added services.


For many of our customers (looking at you, Canadians), winter is setting in and is here to stay for a while. This fact is no doubt causing you to daydream about a nice, warm summer day on the beach.

Then there are those (looking at you, Aussies) who are reading this post from the beach. With shipping available to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, it’s never just one season at Bongo. For our customers embracing a frigid winter right now, we want to help you out. And if you’re the lucky ones currently experiencing summer, you can prepare now and save big. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Below are a few timeless winter apparel items that should be part of your wardrobe:

Coat Layering a few shirts won’t be enough to keep you warm in the heart of winter. Everyone needs at least one quality coat or jacket that you can always count on, no matter what the temperature drops to.Warm_Bongo

SweaterFor when it’s not too cold to need a coat, a sweater is a great option. It can always be used as another layer underneath the coat, too. Either way, sweaters can be fashionable, comfortable and a nice complement to any outfit.

ScarfAnother item that’s in style for both men and women. In addition to tying an outfit together, a good scarf can go a long way in keeping your neck and body warm.

GlovesIf your hands or fingers are freezing but the rest of your body is warm, you’re still miserable. Make sure that doesn’t happen by purchasing a good pair of gloves.

SocksSimilar to gloves, the right socks can make all the difference. Once your toes get chilled, it’s hard to get them warm again. Nobody wants that.

If you find something you love while shopping online but it won’t ship to your country, let us help. Join Bongo and stay warm all winter long!


Dream_Big_With_BongoTo all who stayed up past midnight last night, congratulations! You deserve a nap. If you somehow forgot that today kicks off 2016, we’d like to be the first ones to welcome you to a new year.

At Bongo, we are dreaming big for 2016, and we want you to join us. Don’t listen to the cynics who say New Year’s resolutions will fail by March. It’s up to you to stick with and carry out your goals.

And we are here to help! We’ve put together a few commonly broken New Year’s resolutions, and provided a way to actively follow through.

1) Lose weight and get fit:

    • A great way to get fit is through innovative home fitness cardio and strength products. With no monthly gym membership fees holding you back, it’s time to clear out that extra space in your house or garage and order your preferred home exercise machine to get and stay in shape.

2) Learn something new:

    • A new language? Cooking? Why not both?! You’ll always be able to make excuses for not starting. You keep telling yourself you’ll do something new “when you have more time,” which always points to somewhere in the future. No more excuses. The time is now.

3) Save (gas and airfare) money:

    • Don’t throw away money this year driving from store to store or thinking you have to fly overseas to shop at renowned global brands. Find what you’re looking for by shopping online through your favorite international e-tailers. Then let us take care of the rest. Sign up for a Bongo account today, and start your 2016 off right!


Welcome to the last day of 2015. Can you believe it’s over? For some, 2015 was the best year yet. For others, 2015 may be a year to forget.

Whether you’ve experienced the former, the latter or somewhere in between, we’re thankful for the opportunity to serve you.

As we reflect on the past year at Bongo, we know we wouldn’t be where we are today without our loyal shoppers and merchants. Without you, we’d simply be an idea. With you, we are crossing borders and expanding every day. We think that is worth celebrating!

The following are a few New Year’s Eve traditions around the globe. Wherever you are, here’s to closing out 2015 with a bang!

United States

In the U.S., New Year’s Eve celebrations often center around dropping or raising an item during the countdown to a new year. In major cities, these festivities take place in public places with thousands of people counting down to midnight. New York City’s Times Square has famously hosted the “ball drop” for more than a century, seen by millions of people worldwide.


From hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup to preparing to welcome the world for the 2016 Summer Olympics, it’s clear that Brazilians know how to host an event. Ano Novo is a major holiday across this South American country, and hundreds of thousands of people gather at renowned Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro to enjoy the fireworks display at midnight.


Arguably one of the most iconic New Year’s Eve fireworks displays in the world takes place in Sydney. When your backdrop is the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, you’re already off to a promising start. Other cities in Australia do it big as well, but Sydney is certainly the “Big Apple” of the “Down Under.”

How are you celebrating the New Year?


If you’re an online merchant, chances are probably high that you use a shopping cart platform on your website. In today’s day and age, it’s virtually impossible to be an operational e-commerce business without one.

Assuming you do in fact have a shopping cart on your website, the next step is expanding your business internationally. However, we know one of the greatest challenges service providers find within the e-commerce space is the ability to integrate their platform into all merchant websites that show interest in their services.

shopping_platform_BongoThis is where Bongo’s Strategic Integration Alliance comes into play. This program enables merchants to expand internationally, as it provides the ability to conduct cross-border transactions with ease.

So how does this alliance benefit our merchants? Good question! Simply put, getting various platforms to integrate Bongo Checkout or Export puts our customers at a tremendous advantage. More specifically, it can cut down on implementation time and costs for both Bongo and the merchant.

At Bongo, we know just how important integrated platforms are and why they are essential to the success of global business. Learn more about these platforms here.


Happy Boxing Day! As we mentioned two weeks ago, December 26 is a major holiday in many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.World_Shopper_Bongo

Shoppers eager to score big on post-Christmas sales line up at the crack of dawn, as many stores open up early for the crowds. If you’re reading this, you either woke up way too early and are already finished shopping, or you wisely stayed home and avoided the chaos altogether.

It’s almost 2016, meaning we’re beyond the need to drive to a mall to shop. Nowadays, more options can be found via online shopping. So what are you waiting for?! It’s time for you to think outside the border and get a Bongo account. Sure, you may think you’re good at holiday shopping, but we want to take your expertise to the next level.

What do you say? Before finishing your New Year’s resolutions, go ahead and sign up for an account by visiting our website. You’ll be glad you did.


Shop_Internationally_BongoYou’re a world traveler, you have wanderlust or you simply possess a vast knowledge of places around the world. Regardless, you know the feeling of wishing you could instantly be in a different city/country across the globe. Unfortunately, humans still haven’t figured out how to teleport. We think we have the next best option at Bongo

San Francisco, London, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Toronto: wherever you want to be, that’s where you can buy from! This border breakdown encourages global e-commerce for everyone, from small businesses to large organizations, and all the individuals needing a service provider who can deliver.

With the holiday season at its peak and the New Year quickly approaching, it’s a great time to join Bongo and travel the world with us. We can help you by eliminating travel and efficiently consolidating all necessary resources to deliver what you need. At Bongo, we deliver the world to you.