Bongo International is a comprehensive eCommerce solution provider designed to help US-based merchants. Bongo enables businesses to expand into the global market, convert international shoppers, and drive new revenue while protecting businesses from fraud. Using our modular approach we create a customized international solution for US retailers.

Bongo Extend

Bongo Extend is a powerful shopping cart plug-in that enables retailers to easily accept international orders immediately.

Extend’s innovative and portable technology allows you to participate in global eCommerce without the headaches. Extend provides a quick and safe experience for international consumers with a solution that requires no regular maintenance. Merchants can begin using Extend on their site in less than 30 minutes on average.

Bongo Checkout

Bongo Checkout is a modular solution that supports merchants in safely accepting international orders with guaranteed fraud protection.

Checkout is our integrated and secure international eCommerce solution that enables your business to reach international customers through your existing eCommerce infrastructure. Checkout is EAR compliant, and screens against the CCL and the required Denied Party Lists. Checkout ensures you maintain compliance with prohibitive licensing agreements, while allowing consumers to purchase approved items from your business.

Bongo Export

Bongo Export (formerly Connect) is a fully integrated solution that allows retailer to offer a seamless experience to their international shoppers while maintaining brand integrity.

Export uses our SOAP API. This fully customizable solutions enables you to leverage all of Bongo’s Cross Border technology in a manner that’s sure to meet your needs. Export’s integration creates a seamless customer experience, ensures all orders are compliant with current Export Laws and Regulations and comes with no fees so you keep 100% of your current margin.


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FeaturesSchedule a DemoSchedule a DemoSchedule a Demo
Keep 100% of Margins
Implement International Solution without Technology Skills
Multi-Merchant Consolidation Services
IP Detection
Translated in 16 languages
Merchant Ships International Orders just as Domestic
Export Compliant International Orders
Bongo Handles Customer Service (optional)
Repackaging Services
Pro-Active Shipment Monitoring
Settle in USD
Fraud Screening of International Orders
Fraud Protection Guarantee
Secondary Screening - High Risk International Orders
Process in 71 Currencies
59 Payment Options
ACH Payment (Removing CC Transaction Fee)
Provide SKU Data
Unified Tracking
Branding Consistent with US Retail website
Shipping Rate Flexibility
Duty/Tax Rate Flexibility
Country of Origin Capture
Product Data Refinement
Export License Controls
Fully Customizable international eCommerce solutions
Merchant Controlled Customer Experience
Seamless - No Disclosure of 3rd Party
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