176858473-cropFeatures and Functionality

The Bongo Extend plug in provides a quick and safe experience for your international consumers, requires no regular maintenance, and can be implemented in less than 30 minutes on average. A variety of apps are available through our Extend App Store. These apps allow you to turn your current shopping site into an international eCommerce site in minutes. Our most popular, “value-add” tools include our Landed Cost Calculator and Website Translation.


International traffic already comes through your site, whether you recognize it or not. Bongo Extend is the first step in converting that traffic into profits. Our application serves as a trusted extension of your eCommerce website. This solution provides:

  • Fast Implementation
  • Intact Consumer Analytics
  • Increased International Conversions
  • International Fraud Screening
  • Operational Efficiency
  • 1-5 Day Global Transit to over 220 Countries

2014-01-28_1633How It Works

The Bongo Extend plug in becomes a small overlay on your site. International consumers can use the overlay to acquire a domestic forwarding address from Bongo International. The Extend overlay maintains consumer analytics by keeping shoppers on your site throughout the process.

  2014-01-28_163312The overlay closes once the consumer has obtained a domestic Bongo address. Now the consumer can access Bongo International’s tools such as calculating full landed costs and duty fees. Once the consumer is ready to check out his order is processed as though he were a domestic consumer, he simply uses his new domestic Bongo address. in the “ship to” area.
2014-01-28_16331 Once the package arrives at the domestic address, Bongo handles the exportation process. From customs compliance to paperwork to consumer service Bongo offers a complete international shipping solution.


155974888-cropExtend 2.0 App Store

Merchants utilizing Extend have access to other valuable tools. All Extend apps have been designed to help merchants enhance their international customer’s experience. Translation Translate your site into up to 16 languages. With the Extend plug in customers can translate any page they’re currently on. This provides a better user experience and creates a local feeling while they shop on your site. Landed Cost Calculation Landed cost calculation estimates how much a customer can expect to pay for international shipping. These estimates use either standard category landed costs or custom category landed costs, which are more accurate. Currency Conversion Converting from one currency to another with immediate and accurate results. Auto Address Once an international customer registers for a Bongo forwarding address and closes Extend app link, their address details automatically populate the ship-to form fields in your checkout page. Personal Shopper If an international visitor doesn’t want to register for a US address, or lives in a high-risk country, Bongo’s Personal Shopper service is another option. Orders are placed by the customer directly from the tool kit of our international shipping plugin, on your website. Then, Bongo buys the goods on the customer’s behalf and forwards items to them as though they were a typical order. Geo-location Merchants who are looking to target specific shoppers with our global eCommerce plugin can use the Geo-location app. The tool enables merchants to specify who sees the Extend launch bar and who doesn’t. This makes for a highly-customizable and complete international shipping solution.

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