How Much Does International Shipping Cost?

Bongo charges $5 per box received and applies shipping charges on the dimensions and weight of the boxes received. Use our Shipping Rate Calculator to determine shipping costs.

Where Are Bongo's U.S. and E.U. Forwarding Facilities Located?


10901 Roosevelt Blvd N
Suite 1000
St Petersburg, FL 33716
United States



861 Sandhill Ave
Carson, CA 90746
United States



Rue de la Victoire 26
1060 Brussels

The addresses are a physical address, not a PO BOX. When you become a member you will be assigned a suite number at each location.

What Countries Does Bongo International Forward Packages To?

Bongo ships to over 220 countries and territories. If you would like to know how long it will take for your shipment to arrive once it’s left a Bongo warehouse please visit our Transit Time Estimator

Will There Be Any Extra Charges Upon Delivery?

There will be no additional transportation charges upon delivery, however, you will be responsible for any duty and tax charges applied by your government on imports. We have developed a Duty Calculator to help define these charges.

What Can't I Ship? Which Items Are Restricted?

Bongo can ship nearly any size items, from a ring to a car engine, however, we place restrictions and prohibitions on items that we will ship. As a general rule of thumb we will not ship items:

  • That are designed to hurt people
  • That can explode or catch fire on aircraft
  • That are illegal in your country
  • That are illegal in the country of the Bongo facility

For a complete list of restricted and prohibited items to your country please view the Restricted And Prohibited Items.

What Payment Options Does Bongo International Accept?

We currently accept the following payment options:

VISA logo
China Union Pay

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Shipment?

If your items are submitted for shipment prior to 4:00PM ET, Monday through Friday they will be shipped the same day. Otherwise they will ship out the next business day. The tracking number will be updated in your customer portal.

If you would like to know how long it will take for your shipment to arrive once it’s left a Bongo warehouse please visit our Transit Time Estimator.

Will I Be Subject To Duty And Tax Charges?

Your local government may apply duty and tax charges to imports. We have developed a Duty Calculator to assist in defining these fees. Any duty and tax charges due on your shipment will be collected by the carrier at the time of delivery.

How Long Will Bongo Store My Items?

Bongo will store packages free of charge for a period of [21] days from the date of delivery. After [21] days, Bongo will charge you a fee of $5 a day which will have to be paid prior to shipment to you. After [30] days in storage, Bongo reserves the right to sell, destroy or otherwise dispose of such packages without incurring any liability to you or any other party whatsoever.

Who is Bongo?

Bongo was founded in 2007 to enable Cross Border e-Commerce. Over 200,000 Bongo Members are supported by our team of 70 employees which span across 3 continents. We have been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US: and are proud of our Better Business Bureau A+ ranking.

Are My Shipments Insured?

Bongo employees are consistently trained and evaluated on proper packaging methods to ensure your items arrive in pristine condition. While we coordinate with our shipping carriers to eliminate mishandling, international shipping can be a rough business and items are, at times, damaged or lost.

When you submit your items for shipment, insurance is the default selection and we encourage our members to utilize it, although you do have the option to remove it. Claims cannot be submitted for uninsured shipments under any circumstances. The cost of insurance is 2% of the order value.

If damage or loss should occur on an insured shipment you can submit a Loss/Damage Claim for review by our Claims department. Approved Claims will be paid by check within 3 business days of final approval of the Claim.

Does Bongo International Pick Up?

Bongo is not able to pick up shipments. All shipments will need to be sent to the forwarding address provided when you join. When they arrive at our facility we will then ship them to your home or business.

I Would Like To Speak To A Sales Representative

Please visit the business portion of our site here or call us at +1 203-683-4894

How Is Shipping Weight Calculated?

International shipping rates are calculated by the Actual Weight or Dimensional Weight of the shipment received by Bongo, which ever is greater. Please see the example below:



Please use our Shipping Rate Calculator for the most accurate estimates on duty and tax fees.


What Time Is It at Bongo Headquarters?

The time at our headquarters in Saint Petersburg (US) can be found in the header of our website. The time displayed is in Eastern Time (ET).


Can I Forward Mail Documents?

Yes, you can receive documents and catalogs to your account. The fee is $5 per package or mail item received to your account. You will have to fill out a United States Parcel form authorizing us to receive mail on your behalf.


How Do I Sign Up to Become a Bongo Member?

Sign up at the bottom right of any Bongo page! You will be asked for your name, country and e-mail address. Payment information and shipment destination will be requested when you select to ship your items.


I'm Having Issues Logging Into My Account?

If you are having issues logging into your account, enter your user ID or email as seen below and press ‘forgot’.