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Secure Global eCommerce

Bongo Checkout is an integrated and secure international checkout solution that enables your business to reach international consumers through your existing eCommerce infrastructure. Checkout enhances transactions and offers a wealth of benefits.

  • Fraud Detection Services
  • Over 80 Currencies Accepted
  • 15 Payment Options
  • Returns Management
  • Express Delivery Options
  • Over 200 Countries and Territories Supported

Bongo International Plug In

Shopping Cart Plug-Ins

Bongo Checkout has developed over 20 pre-built shopping cart plug-ins for some of the most popular shopping cart platforms, allowing for easier integration and implementation. And if we don’t have your platform listed, we can still integrate our Checkout solution.

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Localized Experience

Bongo Checkout automatically knows where your customer is shopping from and speaks their language, bills in their currency and will accept what’s in their wallet.


  • Language Translation
  • Currency Conversion
  • Localized Payment Options
  • Full landed costs to their destination address
  • Mobile Transactions Supported
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Secure Transactions

When you use Checkout, Bongo helps you overcome the challenges associated with cross-border eCommerce, such as:


  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Currency Fluctuations
  • Inaccurate Duty Tax Calculations
  • Returns Management
  • Inaccurate Billing by Custom Authorities

Meet our Merchants

Visit our Global eCommerce Blog for helpful posts about maximizing the potential of your eCommerce site, and learn about the latest online merchants who are using Checkout.

Checkout Reviews

“I am personally most pleased with Bongo’s robust credit card fraud check verification process which ensures the validity of each International Order. I know this works, because has never incurred a fraudulent order with Bongo International.”

–Hulet Smith, CEO, RehabMart

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A step-by-step walk-through showing how Bongo International’s Checkout Merchants can process international returns through our new Returns Module.

Features & Functionality

The Bongo Checkout international eCommerce solution was built by industry experts with flexibility in mind. Checkout is compliant with the mandatory Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and screens individual products against the Commerce Control List (CCL) and the required Denied Party Lists. Checkout can also ensure you maintain compliance with any licensing agreements that prohibit sales in specific markets, while allowing consumers to complete the purchase of approved items.


The Checkout solution removes the risks associated with international eCommerce transactions by allowing Bongo International to take on the risks on behalf of the merchant. Bongo then takes title of goods following the merchant’s current terms and conditions and provides guaranteed payment through either Credit Card or ACH.


Checkout was designed to be IT “Light” and “wrappers” have been developed to support most eCommerce platforms. With a number of options to integrate your Order Management System, most organizations can be up and running within less than 2 business weeks of IT investment.


Initial integration requires some cooperation between partners. Merchants using one of the shopping cart plug-ins have even less to do. The Bongo Checkout international eCommerce solution has been integrated into numerous eCommerce platforms and requires as little as adding a plug in in many cases.

Accepted Payment Methods

Bongo Checkout offers a variety of payment options through the Checkout portal. This makes it easier to convert international customers within your checkout by accepting the consumer’s preferred payment option. This is one of the many ways Bongo International localizes the shopping experience for your international customers. Below is a sampling of some of the many payment methods we accept.