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As our Checkout Solution sees further adoption, technology upgrades, and success, we have decided to phase out our Extend Solution. Extend Partners, do not fear! We will continue to support the Extend application over the next couple months, as we reach out to Partners to transition them to Checkout. And why would you want to switch to Checkout? Because it offers you so much more.
  • 100% Guaranteed Fraud Protection
  • 121 Currencies Accepted
  • 20+ Payment Options
  • Returns Management
  • No Fees
  • 220+ Countries and Territories Supported
We have pre-built modules ready to deploy for all major Shopping Cart Platforms that make Checkout implementation a breeze!


Even better, Bongo Merchant Partners who have upgraded from Extend to Checkout have seen a 400% average increase in international sales. There’s no customer registration needed and our Checkout partners enjoy much lower international shopping rates.


Please reach out to us to learn more by emailing global@bongous.com or give us a call at (877) 577-3622. We look forward to showing you how Checkout can take your international presence to the next level.