Personal Shopper

Bongo International provides Personal Shopping Services to individuals abroad who would like to purchase goods in the US, South America or EU but run into challenges such as:
  • International credit card denial.
  • Companies not supporting international shipping.
  • Concern about buying from fraudulent companies.
International consumers rely on Bongo’s Personal Shopping Services to purchase US, South America and EU goods on their behalf which can be forwarded to over 200 countries. Our Personal Shopping Services:
  • Allow the purchase of US, South America and EU products with international credit cards.
  • Eliminate international shipping restrictions that exist with many retailers.
  • Eliminate concerns regarding fraud, as our customers rely on the experience of our Personal Shoppers.
To use Bongo’s Personal Shopper Service please:
1. Login to your Bongo account, and click the Personal Shopper icon at the top of your screen.
2.Fill out the information requested in the form, including:
  • Where the Item is Shipping From (the Merchant’s Location)
  • Where the Item is Shipping To (Your Selected Bongo Address)
  • The Name of the Item
  • A Description of the Item – Please be sure to include your selected colors, sizes and any other specifications.
  • URL / Link to the Item
  • Price of the Item
  • Quantity of the Item
  • Shipping Cost of the Item
  • Total Cost
3. Give your order a title, accept the terms and conditions, and then click on [Place Order].
4. From there you will be prompted to enter in your payment information.
5. Your order will usually be placed on the next business day.

Bongo International’s Personal Shopping Services allow you to purchase US, South America and EU goods and get what you want, where you want it!