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Everyone is talking about Bongo! We have been covered by media outlets such as PC World, Internet Retailer, and Lifehacker. Just hover over the media screenshot to see a snippet, or click to view the entire article.

Bongo Receives Highest Level Of Data Security Compliance

BRIDGEPORT, Conn., Aug. 1, 2012 — Bongo International announced today they recently received the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Level 1 Service Provider Certification, the highest certification level for payment data security in the eCommerce industry. Click to Read More

International Shipping Simplified For 3DCart Customers With New Bongo Partnership

Ecommerce software provider 3DCart is teaming up with international shipping expert Bongo International to extend its suite of international shipping solutions. Based on Bongo’s current experience, online retail stores using 3DCart can save 60-65 percent on international shipping costs as compared to similar solutions. Click to Read More

Bongo’s Extend 2.0 Now A Powerful Turn-Key Application on ASP.NET Storefront

Are you looking for an easy way to accept international orders? does shipping internationally or the possibility of fraud discourage you from servicing international consumers?

Improve The Offshore Shopping Experience

The whole world is “window shopping” on U.S. websites, but few offshore shoppers are converted to buyers. According to Forrester Research, 25% of U.S. web traffic comes from international shoppers, but the actual orders from such shoppers are only 4% of total U.S. web sales.

JELLYBELLY.COM’S Redesign Adds International Shipping

Since Jelly Belly Candy Co.’s redesigned site launched in early June, conversion rate from search engine traffic has jumped 38% and average order value is up 15%, says e-commerce director Jason Marrone. About 65% of total traffic comes from search engines, he adds. Click to Read More

Les Suisses Utilisent Des Adresses Fictives Pour Profiter Du Dollar

Le dollar a continué sa chute face au franc cette semaine. Vendredi, la devise nationale s´échangeait contre 0.87 dollar. Sicettesituationinquièteleséconomistes, elle réjouit le consommateur suisse. Celui-ci voit dans la faiblesse de lamonnaie américaine une opportunité de faire des bonnes affaires. L´achat du dernier T-shirt…

So Profitieren Schnappchenjager Vom Gunstigen Dollar

Wer demnächst in die USA fliegt, kann sich die Hände reiben. Weil der Dollar zum Franken so tief ist wie noch nie, wird nicht nur der Aufenthalt günstiger. Produkte wie Schuhe, Kleider oder Kosmetika, die in den USA bereits bisher billig waren, werden zum Schnäppchen. Wer Levi´s-Jeans oder Converse-Turnschuhe …Click to Read More

Bongo Helps Merchants Grow International Sales With Fewer Hassles

International customers can be a source of added revenue for online sellers, but can also be a huge hassle due to shipping, customs and delivery issues. Bongo International is a mail-forwarding service based in Bridgeport, Connecticut that is on a campaign to reach online merchants – including eBay sellers – to spread the word about its service that aids cross-border…Click to Read More

Bongo International Ships U.S.-Only Packages Overseas (Lifehacker)

U.S. but want to order from a store that only ships to U.S. addresses, web service Bongo International will provide you with a U.S. address from which you can forward your package overseas…Click to Read More

ChannelAdvisor And Bongo International Partner To Extend International Shipping To Online Retailers

Research Triangle Park, NC – July 13, 2010 – ChannelAdvisor, a solution provider that enables online retailers to improve efficiency and increase revenue, today announced a partnership with Bongo International that enables international shipping for ChannelAdvisor´s online retailer customers, effectively opening up the global marketplace. ChannelAdvisor Webstore customers can now add international shipping capability to their checkout…Click to Read More

Bongo International Paves The Way For Online Sellers To Tap Into The Lucrative International Market

For online sellers looking for a way to expand their business, it often means looking no further than the lucrative global ecommerce market.

Spurred on by double-digit growth in 2010, international commerce is entering an explosive growth phase -  one that will continue this year and for several years to come...Click to Read More

Bongo International Accelerates Ecommerce Solutions With Website Translation

Bongo International is the leading provider of shopping cart solutions for international mail and parcel forwarding. They are further solidifying their position as a leader in the industry by providing site translations into 15 languages spoken around the world. In addition to having the most online traffic on a daily basis, they are also the only parcel forwarding company…Click to Read More

Simplifying International Shipping

Ever surfed on the net and came across a remarkable retail deal but available to US residents only? Or wanted to buy something online but decided against it after finding out that the shipping costs might be higher than the actual price of the product itself? US-based Bongo International addresses this issue with innovative mail…

Is Your Business Missing Out on International Shipping?

Selling to international customers can be a daunting challenge – the legal and shipping considerations alone are substantial. But if you´ve got potential customers at your door already, why turn them away? We spoke with Craig Turnbull, CEO of Bongo International, a US-based firm that serves both buyers and sellers…

Shipping Service Helps Kayak Retailer Reach Global Customers

Colorado Kayak Supply, located in Buena Vista, Color., in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, is one of America´s largest whitewater rafting supply companies. Through its Web site, the company attracts customers from around the world, including many international consumers who want to purchase large items…

BLINDS.COM Reaches Out To International Customers With Bongo is letting in global e-commerce by allowing customers to ship products to more than 220 countries. The web-only custom window coverings retailer has integrated Bongo International LLC´s BongoUS package-forwarding service into its checkout process…

Let Bongo Buddy Get Those International Shipping Rates For You

If you haven´t noticed, it´s a global economy we´re living in. Or is it? I know that I can go see stuff available from a variety of international merchants, but I really don´t consider a location outside of the United States as a supplier for any of my needs.

Something to Twitter About (Parcel)

Looking to increase sales revenue and considering the international marketplace? More than half of the companies in the U.S. have overcome their concerns; fraud, complex operational issues and high shipping costs. The result: an average of 17% increase in revenue. One secret is a new emerging trend of using international parcel forwarders. Retailers benefit from the fraud free…Click to Read More

Shoe Shop Eilatan Uses Bongo To Dip Its Toe In International Waters (Internet Retailer)

Shoe shop Eilatan has stepped into global e-commerce by enabling international shipping for shoppers in more than 220 countries. The retailer-with two stores and an e-commerce site-of designer shoes has integrated into its checkout process the BongoUS package-forwarding service of Bongo International LLC. When a shopper begins checking out at, she clicks on an International Shipping button. An overlay window-actually a web page hosted by…Click to Read More

Get Your Very Own U.S. Address For Online Shopping With Bongo International (Gizmodo)

Enter Bongo International. Their job, as they eloquently put it on their website, is to: “take in the goods, store them, repackage them when our customers advise us, and handle any custom related issues that may arise”. Which means you can not only get stuff you normally wouldn’t be able to get delivered to your door…Click to Read More

Bongo Service Lets Aussies Shop And Ship From The U.S. (PC World)

Package and mail forwarding provider Bongo International has launched a service in Australia that allows consumers to shop at US-only retail sites and have their goods shipped to a US address to be then forwarded onto Australia.

Bongo Offers Cheaper Way To Get U.S. Products Into Oz (PC Authority)

Bongo allows you to purchase your very own US postal address without actually living in America. A godsend if you like plowing through the ‘too hot to be true deals´ on or other US based websites, but is it too good to be true? With the economy failing and prices getting more expensive for just about everything…Click to Read More

Big Spenders Go Bongo

Aussie shoppers can now take full advantage of cheaper US prices and still save on freight. Cosmetics, fashion, even electronic bargains can now be stored in the US for delivery and there´s no size restriction. Bongo International is a new service that provides buyers with a US address and stores their purchases until they are ready to be shipped.

Rent a U.S. Address (Zibb)

The low dollar is buying gadgets in America now cheap. Unfortunately many U.S. webshops not send outside America. There is now a solution. Always the latest equipment from house to fetch is nice, but unfortunately also costly.The low dollar makes buying of electronics into the United States attractive to Europeans.

Profiting From The Low Dollar: Smart Shop

By shopping on the Web you can take advantage of the low dollar without directly to the United States to travel. One problem: many U.S. merchants refuse their products to Europe by ship.

Bongo International Honored for 3 Years of Hiring Power Revenue Growth

NEW YORK, Dec. 10, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Connecticut based Bongo International has been recently featured in the inaugural ranking of Inc.’s Hire Power Awards. The list recognizes private businesses that have generated the most US jobs in the past three years. – Click to Read More

Polygon Extends Global Reach With New Partner Bongo International

Polygon Solutions Inc. is a Fort Myers, Florida manufacturer who ships precision machine cutting tools called rotary broaches to customers around the world. To improve their customer experience and competitiveness, Polygon has chosen to partner with Bongo International, founded in 2007 to overcome the challenges associated with International Cross Border e-Commerce transactions by both Consumers and Businesses. Polygon intends to have the service completely operational before November 1, 2013. Click to Read More.

Bongo International: The Revolution of International E-Commerce

To stay up the speed with our globally viral business, SHOP.COM added several features so that any country can share in the success we experience here. One of the most accommodating and game changing features includes a partnership withBongo International. With Bongo International, international shoppers can create local US and European addresses to have their shipments mailed and consolidated, cutting shipping fees. Click to Read More.

Get Your Very Own US Address For Online Shopping With Bongo International

We’ve bitched and moaned a lot about the “Australian Tax” that gadgets get placed on them when they’re released in Australia. Everything from the PS3 to anything from Apple – they all get marked up when they hit Australian shops. In many cases, it would be cheaper to buy online from an overseas store, but then you’re hit with astronomical shipping fees, or you need a US address to finalise the purchase…Click to Read More.

PrimeVapor E-Cigarettes Partners with Bongo International for Worldwide Service

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WISCONSIN, USA, September 12, 2013 / – PrimeVapor is pleased to announce a partnership with Bongo International that will permit the shipment of orders outside the United States. Click to Read More.

Consider for Your International Shipping Needs

If you run a US business that sells tangible product, international shipping is probably your least favorite part of the process. Heck, even non-business owners usually dread going to the post office or local shipping office for US shipping! Click to Read More Expanding Online Business with Bongo

Scottsdale, AZ, March 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE), the hugely successful online wholesale distributor, has recently joined forces with Bongo International to offer customers located worldwide the same unbeatable discounts and superior service that U.S. clients have enjoyed for over 12 years. Bongo International is a well-established global eCommerce solution providing U.S. retailers access to international markets with no change to their current operations. Click to Read More. Now Available to International Customers

Miami, FL October 30, 2012 is an online store offering the finest healthcare supplements available. The mission of this organization is simple; maintain their focus on superior quality products and service. The store has proven its ability to do achieve this, and is now ready to expand globally with Bongo’s Checkout Solution. Click to Read More. Finds More Stockings to Fill

Bridgeport, CT – November 30, 2011–That time of year is quickly approaching, but for many it can’t come soon enough. This is the proven premise for the continued success of The brick & mortar store opened its doors 25 years ago in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and has continued developing since. Most recently, the online store has partnered with international e-Commerce specialist, Bongo International, to expand globally just in time for the 2011 holiday season. Click to Read More.

Miva Merchant and Bongo International Integrate eCommerce

San Diego, CA, Feb. 13, 2013– Miva Merchant is a well-established and reputed eCommerce platform while Bongo is fully versed in the details of international eCommerce. Together these providers are able to deliver everything retailers need in order to succeed in online commerce. Click to Read More.

International Expansion High on the Agenda of Domestic e-Retailers

Bongo International, a cutting edge provider of e-commerce technology, recently launched Bongo Checkout. This latest product arrives on the market as a complete international e-commerce fulfillment solution that allows U.S. online retailers access to foreign markets with no change to current operational processes, and without the risk of fraud. Click to Read More.