How We Bill

Bongo bills $5.00 per box received plus the international shipping rate. International shipping rates are calculated by the weight and dimensions of the box received at the Bongo warehouse. View our Shipping Rate Calculator.

Payment Options

We Accept What’s In Your Wallet - We currently accept the following payment options:

VISA logo
China Union Pay


Bongo International understands how important it is to have information at your finger tips. As a result we have invested in three notification channels for you to receive information on the status of your shipments:

Your Facebook Account
Your Twitter Feed
Your E-mail

The Notifications will alert you when the following updates are made within your account:

  • A shipment was received in your account.
  • Items were added to your inventory.
  • A tracking number has been assigned to a shipment.

What Not to Buy

Prohibited and Restricted Items – Avoid import issues by verifying that your items aren’t on the Restricted/Prohibited list for import into your country. You can verify items based on import and export country on our Prohibited Items page. 

Personal Shopper

Bongo International provides Personal Shopping Services to individuals abroad who would like to purchase goods in the US or EU but run into challenges such as:

  • International credit card denial.
  • Companies not supporting international shipping.
  • Concern about buying from fraudulent companies.

International consumers rely on Bongo’s Personal Shopping Services to purchase US and EU goods on their behalf which can be forwarded to over 222 countries. Our Personal Shopping Services:

  • Allow the purchase of US and EU products with international credit cards.
  • Eliminate international shipping restrictions that exist with many retailers.
  • Eliminate fraudulent concerns, as our customers rely on the experience of our Personal Shoppers.

Bongo International´s Personal Shopping Services allow you to purchase US and EU goods and get what you want, where you want it.