How Customers Shop Online

Lab42 published the following infographic about consumer shopping and shipping practices. A larger sample would be more telling, however there are a few take-aways to consider, many of which coincide with other research that has been released.

Why Do Customers Shop Online?

Consumers prefer to shop online vs. in-store. Often it’s due to a broader selection, better sales and promotions, and a cheaper selection.

How Do Customers Decide to Buy Online?

Customers prefer to buy from online retailers who have positive customer reviews, good product descriptions and tend to avoid shops and products with negative customer reviews. In short, keep your current customers happy to attract future consumers.

What Are Consumer Preferences on Shipping

Free shipping is the #1 pull for consumer shopping. In fact, 96% of those polled said they were more likely to shop a site if it offers free shipping. The majority of people prefer free shipping to a discount. So, if you can only offer one or the other, go with free shipping.


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