Member Testimonials

Below are Bongo International Reviews and Testimonials from real Bongo International members around the world. See firsthand experiences from real international customers. If you’d like to contribute to Bongo International Reviews or Testimonials, please let us know! Private message us through our Facebook page and we’ll get you posted! Pictures are always welcome.

Waldormiro M. – Sao Paulo, BR

I am currently living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and sometimes need spare parts for my American Jeep Cherokee that are pretty hard to find down here. The delivered parts arrived well packed and I am very happy with Bongo’s support during the shopping and shipping process. Pics show the Jeep and a rain forest mountain in the back. Thanks again for the support.

Tony P. – Switzerland

Wow, BongoUS is simply amazing. I’m from Switzerland, and 3 days after I transferred my parcels, I received them. That’s a great service, simply amazing.

Grandios, BongoUS ist einfach unglaublich. 3 Tage nachdem ich den Transfer in die Schweiz eingeleitet habe, läutet der DHL-Postbote. WoW, unglaublicher, grandioser TURBO-Service.

TROP bien, BongoUS est simplement incroyable, 3 jours aprés que j’ai transféré mon paquet pour la Suisse, DHL sonne à la porte. WoW, il sont trop fort BongoUS.

Emily D. – Australia

Could you please pass onto management my thanks for a wonderful service? I received my shipment (of children’s Christmas presents) today, in plenty of time before Santa Claus arrives, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience with BongoUS. You efficiently tracked and consolidated my many shipments, promptly replied to all of my concerns, professionally and expediently delivered my purchases, and quickly arranged my personal shopping. Although you are half the globe away from Australia, I saved hundreds of dollars and precious time. I wish more businesses operated like you. Congratulations and thanks again.

Mark B. – France

I used Bongo to purchase auto parts for my JEEP Grand Cherokee.

This picture is taken in the deserts of Tunisia during an expedition in April.

Julia J. – Qatar

This is our 4-month old son Michael. Sometimes we call him our Bongo baby because everything he has is thanks to Bongo’s wonderful staff sending it to us. We are living in Qatar at the moment, and it has been very challenging. From a land of dust storms, camel beauty pageants, and multi-million dollar single-digit license plates (the #1 sold for $7million last year), a great selection of safe or decent quality baby products is not a priority here.

That’s why we appreciate the folks at Bongo so much. You are our lifeline!

You have the best shipping prices, the best staff, and are super fast at getting our orders to us. The formula Michael drinks, the bottles and liners he drinks from, all of his toys, his bamboo clothes without fire retardant sprays, his cloth diapers, pacifiers and teethers (so he doesn’t have to chomp on mom’s fingers anymore!), his stroller, and even water misters so we can take him out in 100 degree weather (and it gets up to 150 degrees here) without the worry of him overheating or being uncomfortable are because of you guys getting these to us.

Thank you Bongo, for making our lives so much better! We really appreciate all that you do for us!

Christina J. – Newcastle, AU

I have used various mail-forwarding companies before trying out Bongo US. And how fortunate that I did! After having miserable experiences with other mail-forwarding companies who lacked professionalism and customer service, I was only too happy to find that Bongo has a “chat” feature which allows you to talk to one of their friendly operators “live”. The best thing about Bongo is that the customer has the full control of the shipment, from beginning to end.

I received 3 large shipments (each time consolidated for free of course!) via Bongo, most of them snow gear. By getting them from US, I was able to get them for a fraction of the price.

Here are a few photos that were taken while we were on our snow trip to Perisher Blue, Australia with the snow gear.

Amelia L. – Toronto, CA

When I first saw this dress on an online store, I just knew it would be perfect for an upcoming concert I was singing in. The store I wanted to buy from only shipped to the US, which left me in a pickle as I wasn’t in America and I really needed that dress. Thankfully, Bongo was there for me, and I got my dress just in time for the concert! Competitive pricing and great customer service!

Alayne C. – Sydney, AU

Here is a photo of the chariot (cycle trailer) carrying my little son Jack that you sent out to me in Australia. We chose this photo as it has a quintessential Sydney background – the Anzac Bridge, a bit of Sydney harbour and behind that, in the distance you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Charlie R. and Class – Osaka, Japan

Here are the Halloween costumes we ordered via your service. Many thanks! This photo was taken after our Halloween party at our school in Osaka, Japan. This video shows the costumes in action.

Jackson Y. – Australia

This is a photo of a few of us at The Remarkables near Queenstown, New Zealand.

Had it not been for Bongo and their fantastic support team, it could have been a very different picture, for one we would be naked..or very very cold.Bongo stayed with me via live chat, made interstate calls to the suppliers to make sure that our express order would reach us in time ( we aren’t big on the forward planning) all in all we managed to get our clothes from US shop to our doors in 5 working days, not too shabby at all..Thanks to the whole team at Bongo for the fantastic service!Maxxon, Wuzie, Chuggla, Pablo, Horndog and Hammage

Justin and Liam T. – Sydney, AU

No, Bongo isn’t shipping babies…..yet! This is my 6 month old son Liam who was so happy when he received his new toy….the Bongo box! He couldn’t believe that even though Dad had only requested his order to be sent on Friday in the US, it arrived in Sydney, Australia on the Monday. WOW! Of course Dad was wanting the video games + dvds that were in the box. But Liam just loves that box and can’t wait to get more to build a fort or something with!

Anyone who wants a very very slick and professionally run shipping service – Bongo is the only choice! I’ve tried a few different others and Bongo are lightyears ahead in every aspect!

Thanks alot Bongo, we look forward to dealing with you for a long time to come. Keep up the great work!

Karen N. – Japan

Thanks to Bongo’s outstanding service and prompt delivery, we were able to decorate the house with LED lights for the holidays. We live in a small village in Japan, so the lights are a treat for the neighbors on these dark wintry nights. We could not have found the variety of lights locally nor could we have afforded them – we saved hundreds of dollars using your service. Thank you so much for helping us celebrate the holidays!

Marcie M. – Toronto, CA

My name is Marcie, and I’m the creator and president of a natural cosmetics company. I am also an American recently relocated to Canada.

I was shocked and disheartened at the expensive “brokerage” fees charged by the large shipping companies used by all of my packaging providers. I found Bongo and have been using them to consolidate and ship all of my packaging from the US to our location here in Canada.

I’ve been very pleased with both the prompt and courteous treatment I’ve received by Bongo, and their reasonable shipping rates. I gladly and regularly recommend them to the many people I am in contact with through my business. Attached is a photo of just some of the items I’ve shipped through Bongo.

Joe W. – France

My board that bongo shipped for me to France, (strapped to my back) three quarters the way up the 1 hour hike up the Borsat Ridge in Val d’i Sere to head down the off Peist into Tignes in the French alps during my ski season.

Kaoru T. – Japan

The items are ceramic lighted houses. This is the first item forwarded by Bongo international!

Sandra & Neville – Zurich, Switzerland

Our little easyrider takes it easy on this beautiful first bike, which has been, that is no surprise here, forwarded through the outstanding service of BongoUS. This is already our third delivery so far and we are really pleased how professionally BongoUS handles the shipping according to our wishes. We order mostly wooden quality toys (in the back of the picture you see items previously ordered) for our little son and clothes for the entire family.

We also bought personal electronics, Baby gear, Golf gear and organic fabric. We do benefit at the moment of the exchange rate and of course the consolidation service from Bongous. Why do we buy through Bongo in US? We buy in the US because of the huge range of products, price and comfort of e-shopping. Last but not least, also thanks to BongoUS which acts as a shopping gate to the USA to get all those goodies.

Toni R. – Tottenham London, UK

Here is a photo of the TV (showing a typical London theme) with the family. And Bongo International made this possible!

I would highly recommend to use Bongo for any US shopping in the future and at the moment with the low US Dollar it can really be worthwhile.

My Thanks to everyone at Bongo International for a speedy and efficient service. From a very satisfied customer

James F. – AU

G’day guys! I have sent you a picture of my “Thruster T300” ultralight aircraft shown with air filters, safety wire, and safety wire pliers (and other parts that are not visible in the “Bongo” box shown) that I ordered from the US through you guys!

While it is an older aircraft the “Thruster” is an all Aussie built machine that is a whole lot of fun to operate and is easy to maintain – made even easier by ordering quality parts from the US via BONGO! We aussies love to make the most of our wide open spaces and good weather flying aircraft like these.

Thanks, Bongo!

Siti Z. – Malaysia

I received my parcels today in one piece, on time and I was really impressed by the cheap rates. I had 5 boxes shipped down for the same cost that I was quoted for just one of the items from a well known courier company. I wonder how Bongo does it, but they sure do get the job done.Ttheir website is easy to use and well laid out and customer care is great.

I am a critical person and difficult to please, but I must say, overall Bongo is the best and I will not use any other service but this.I am impressed!!

Desta M. – Ghana

I subscribed to Bongo in January 2011. I order items through their personal shopper and it only took three days from the time I asked them to ship to the time I received them in Ghana. Everything I ordered was properly consolidated by Bongo International and I was ecstatic.

Thank you, Bongo International –  From a Very Satisfied Client

Atsushi S. – Japan

I have been a Bongo Business member for 6 months and am very satisfied with the Bongo service. I hope we can do good business for a long time. Thanks!

Charlene C. – Cayman Islands

I recently refurnished a large house and a guesthouse in the Cayman Islands with items shipped from the United States. In addition to used items, I purchased many large and small items from an assortment of vendors located in different parts of the country. I hired Bongo as my freight forwarder from the states to the islands.

I cannot praise this organization enough. We encountered many complicated obstacles with my project, not related to Bongo. Nevertheless, each obstacle was resolved by Bongo with impressive competency and efficiency. The entire organization, especially my direct Bongo contact Jason Bernstein, went above and beyond the call of duty to make my project a success. I truly do not know what I would have done without Bongo’s guidance and support. Their extensive experience, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile got the job done expeditiously and with incredible cost efficiency.

Bongo rates five stars (out of five) for both service and cost effectiveness!